Factors To Consider When Choosing Landscape Plants

Factors To Consider When Choosing Landscape Plants

Smokey Mountains Stream

Smokey Mountains Stream

When it comes to landscaping, plant choice can determine the success or failure of your garden. Of course, people who live in Knoxville should consider the local soil structure. According to research carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Knox county lies within the Southern Appalachians, a region where soils consist of dolomite, shale, limestone, sandstone bedrock, as well as siltstone. As a result, they are typically medium and fine textured soils. This information would come in handy when choosing the kind of flowers, shrubs, plants, or grass to grow in home gardens or patios. Some of the key factors that you would have to consider when choosing landscape plants include:


Plants come in all manner of shapes and sizes. In addition, plants grow at different rates depending on irrigation and root structure. Some grow fast while others take long to reach maturity. With this in mind, make sure you space the plants accordingly. Plants that reach a height of about five feet require spacing of between 3 and 5 inches. Those that grow to a height of 10 feet require spacing of between 8 and 12 inches. For plants that grow to about 25 feet, the spacing should be between 12 and 20 inches, according to a study carried out by the Mississippi State University’s Extension Service.

Seasonal Interest and Color

Besides the height, you should also consider the color carefully. Choose plants that will accentuate the exterior façade of your house. Some popular plants that you can use to make your landscape more colorful include crape myrtles, azaleas, forsythia, roses, camellias, and beautyberry. If you would like to have beautiful outdoors scenery, you should consider Knoxville landscaping service. This will ensure that a professional can visit your home and determine the site and soil conditions.

Planning the Landscape

Landscaping typically involves more than just choosing plants. One has to design how the outdoors scenery will look. For example, you have to plan where to plant the hedge, foundation, as well as the accent plants to ensure you do not have plants growing haphazardly. The root system of the plants also plays a big role in landscape design. For example, planting seedlings that can grow into big trees near the house can result in cracked walls in the future. Some of the other design considerations include water features such as pools and waterfalls.

Personal Taste

While at it, remember that landscaping is all about making your home more suitable to your lifestyle. As such, avoid the temptation to compete with your neighbors or even trying to make your home look like one of those homes featured in landscaping magazines. For that reason, go for a landscape design that you would love to see every day.

Granted, landscaping can make your home look more aesthetically appealing. In addition, the improved curb appeal translates into more money if you decide to sell your house. When choosing landscape plants, you should consider several factors carefully including their growth patterns, color, the landscape design, as well as personal preference. Since landscaping normally requires expertise in soil structure, design, as well as choice of plants, you should hire a professional landscaper like Moore’s Landscaping. We have years of knowledge and experience under our belt and can help you select the perfect combination of flora for your home or business.

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