Landscape Architecture: (There’s more to it than you might think)

Landscape Architecture: (There’s more to it than you might think)

When it comes to choosing the right landscape design for your property it is important to take a number of factors into consideration. For example, the particular climate and growing conditions of your area should certainly be something that you will want to keep in mind when choosing your landscaping elements. Some plants, grasses, trees and flowers will be native to the area; these are often the easiest to grow and most resistant to local pests and growing conditions.fountain

Fortunately, it is also possible to introduce non-native species to an area, especially when the right conditions are included as part of your landscape architecture. An example of this would be when a homeowner installs a lush water garden and creates an environment where plants that would not normally grow in Knoxville can now thrive. When considering this type of landscape design it is generally best to consult with an expert. A Knoxville landscaping company can help you choose the landscape elements you like while providing expert guidance on the best plants and shrubs for your area or growing conditions.

It is also important to realize that your landscape architecture can be an artistic expression of your personal style. There are many exceptional landscaping elements that can help you create a truly remarkable and beautiful outdoor space. For example, raised flower beds, geometric shapes and even a water fountain or babbling brook can all add a great deal of interest and style to your landscape project. Additionally, stone has always been a very popular material to use for various landscaping projects. It is especially effective when used for elements such as a walkway, fire pit, deck or even a relaxing patio area. The use of pavers, gravel and other stone products can help create visual interest in your design and balance out other aspects of your landscaping. In fact, you can create asymmetrical paths lined with foliage or even strategically placed fieldstones for a whimsical backyard garden.

Depending on the space you have available, you can include separate areas to help set off special features. Whether you want to include a fire pit surrounded by bold landscaping or a meandering path through lush meadow grasses, your landscaping company should be able to help you achieve the look you want while still making use of easy to maintain plants that are native to the area. After all, creating the right growing environment is an important factor in any type of landscape design. You certainly do not want to spend all of your time maintaining your garden area, this should be a special place where you can relax and enjoy the beauty.

When choosing your landscape design it is important to keep some fundamental design elements in mind. Outdoor landscaping should include things like unity, balance, color, sequence, line, texture, scale, form and variety. A professional landscape design company is definitely an important factor in ensuring your finished project is as beautiful and enjoyable as possible. For residents in Knoxville, this means choosing a company with a reputation of providing exceptional landscaping services, such as Moore’s Landscaping.