Landscaping For Knoxville Businesses

Landscaping For Knoxville Businesses

Landscaping for homeowners has a variety of benefits: it increases the home’s curb appeal, makes the outdoor spaces more inviting, and raises the overall property value, to name a few. Businesses may not see any immediate, obvious benefits to professional landscaping, but there are two subtle-yet-important reasons to consider it. First, the visual appeal of landscaping can improve customer opinion and satisfaction; second, having “green” spaces around a building can help improve employee morale. Both of these benefits contribute, directly or indirectly, to a Knoxville business’s bottom line.

Gatlinburg Water feature

Gatlinburg Business Water feature

Leaving A Positive Impression On Customers

Curbside appeal is a key part of selling a home, but it also plays a role in attracting customers to a business. A clean, well-kept storefront gives the impression that the business is professional and reputable. Landscaping can take that positive impression one step further by adding visual appeal and an environmentally minded appearance. This can translate into customers being happier when they enter the business, making their overall experience more pleasant and giving them a reason to return.

A well-executed landscape design is an attention-grabber as well, which may lead to interest by customers who would otherwise have kept walking or driving by. And if a customer, or potential customer, remembers your landscaping, it’s another way for them to keep your business in mind for future needs. In addition, professional landscaping can make your business appear more affluent in the minds of consumers, which can also encourage sales.

Creating A Pleasant Space for Employees

Successful businesses often take employee satisfaction seriously, since employees who are content with their workplace can be more productive than stressed-out and miserable workers. Landscaping is one way to help keep employees happy and relaxed, by providing even a small amount of nature on their way into the building and improving the view from windows. Water features located near a window can provide soothing sounds all day, and a landscaped courtyard gives workers a park-like atmosphere to enjoy during lunchtime. Small breaks away from an office spent around plants, flowers, or running water can provide much-needed stress relief and rejuvenate employees for their next task.

Finding Places to Landscape

Any Knoxville business with a storefront likely has at least some small area that would benefit from landscaping. Even potted plants on either side of a entryway can make a difference and set a business apart from competitors and neighbors. Businesses with parking lots can add small landscaped sections with trees and other plants throughout the lot, to break up the look of the concrete and provide shady spots for parked cars. Sidewalks and paths can be landscaped on one or both sides, and beds can be added around the sides of buildings as well. Employee areas, such as courtyards or outdoor seating, can benefit from a landscape designer as well.

Businesses need to justify any expense they make, and sometimes landscaping can seem unnecessary or not worth the investment. There are real, tangible benefits to having a landscape designer take a look at your business’s exterior and come up with a plan for improvement that will make the process worthwhile. In fact, ignoring the importance of landscaping could end up costing you money in the long run, whether through loss of sales or productivity.

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