Should You Use Plants Native To Knoxville In Your Landscape?

Should You Use Plants Native To Knoxville In Your Landscape?

Many of the plants common to modern landscapes — petunias, hydrangeas, hostas, and more — aren’t native to Knoxville TN, or even the United States. These plants are popular for different reasons: some grow quickly, others are easy to take care of, and some simply look nice, which is always an important consideration in landscape design. So why go beyond these landscaping staples? Well, incorporating native plants into your design has many benefits of its own.

Native Plants Are Low-Maintenance

Non-native species often require some level of upkeep. We can help you pick out plants that take less work than others, but that can limit your options somewhat. Native plant species are perfectly suited to the conditions in the Knoxville area, so you don’t have to spend as much time encouraging them along. This means less watering, less fertilizing, and more simply enjoying the view.

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This doesn’t mean that native plants are a perfect solution — they can take some time to get fully established in your yard, and some may not bloom for the first year. It’s a good idea to combine non-native plants with native species, letting the showy non-native plants take the stage while waiting for the native plants to grow up around them. We’ll help you find the best combinations to meet your needs.

Native Plants Attract Wildlife

Some homeowners have no interest in attracting wildlife and would rather us direct them towards repellent plants instead, but for anyone who enjoys having butterflies, hummingbirds, and maybe the occasional deer wander through their yard, native plants are an excellent choice. Native wildlife is adapted to native vegetation, so giving them what they would naturally eat is an easy way to attract insects and animals to your yard. Filling a garden with the right flowers can transform your backyard into a busy bird habitat, and the addition of a water feature will make it even more enticing.

Native Plants Complement the Design

Good landscaping is about much more than just aesthetics, but there’s no getting around the fact that a finished yard should look good. That’s the main point, right? Luckily there is enough of a variety in native plants that they can fit into nearly any landscape design, especially when incorporated with more traditional or exotic species. Annuals and perennials of any color, ornamental grasses, ground covers, shade-tolerant varieties — native plants cover it all. We’ll work with you to assess the needs of your outdoor space and determine which species would best suit it, as well as what will look great right away and later on as the plants mature.

Choosing to use native plants doesn’t mean forgoing your favorites. It means widening your options, being open to new possibilities, and maybe having a little patience for your landscape to reach its full potential. We’ll walk you through it every step of the way. With the sheer variety of plants hailing from eastern Tennessee, there’s a variety or two that would work perfectly in any Knoxville landscaping project.

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