The Benefits Of Using Mulch In Your Landscaping

The Benefits Of Using Mulch In Your Landscaping

In landscaping, the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Every plant grown in a yard came from a tiny seed, and tiny seeds can be responsible for ruinous weeds as well. Small plants get bigger, and trees grow from thin saplings to be tall and impressive. Mulch is another one of those little things with a big job. Consisting of small particles of bark, wood chips, straw, or other materials, organic mulch is one of the most useful landscaping materials to be found in Knoxville.

Water & Soil Benefits

The water in soil exposed to the air can evaporate before it is ever used by nearby plants. This is especially true in sunny areas, which is where many flower and plant beds are located. Covering the soil in a thick layer of mulch protects it from the sun and air, keeping the water in the soil instead of losing it through evaporation. This will cut down on watering costs, since you won’t need to water plants as often. It will also help plants thrive with fewer waterings.

When it rains, soil can splash up on the stems and leaves of plants, which can spread diseases onto the plants. Mulching near the base of plants and under low-lying leaves keeps raindrops from hitting soil directly, preventing the soil from splashing. In addition, mulches made from organic materials will break down over time and add nutrients to the soil, improving it from one season to the next.

Weed Management

One of the biggest problems in gardens is dealing with weeds. Given a chance, weeds will take over a garden and choke out other plants, stealing sunlight, water, and nutrients. However, since weeds, just like other plants, need sunlight to grow, mulching can help to prevent them. By covering beds with a deep layer of mulch, sunlight cannot reach seeds and seedlings, and they will die off. Mulch can also be applied over existing weeds; as long as it is deep enough it will smother them as well. Any weeds that manage to make it through the mulch cover will be few and far between as well as easy to spot, making it quick and simple to remove them by hand.


For all of the practical benefits of mulching, the aesthetic benefits are equally as appealing. The weed control provided by mulch helps with the appearance of landscaped areas, and mulch also looks much nicer than dry soil. Mulching will help fill in empty areas around plants in a new garden, giving the space a completed look until the plants grow enough to cover the whole area. There are many different types of mulches available in Knoxville and some do look better than others do, but good landscapers use only the best, most attractive mulches for their clients.

Mulch is an essential landscaping material for most projects. It provides numerous benefits for the plants it surrounds and provides a visual element for the homeowner, pulling double duty on both the practical and aesthetic sides of landscaping. Talk with a landscaping professional to find out the best types and use for mulch in your yard.

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Mulch is an important aspect of any garden.