Two Common Landscaping Challenges Facing Knoxville Homeowners

Two Common Landscaping Challenges Facing Knoxville Homeowners

Every region has its own fair share of landscaping difficulties, and the Knoxville area is no different. Common problems can often be managed by the homeowner, but a landscape architect may be able to create a new design that virtually eliminates the problems altogether or even turns them into attractive features. Two big challenges facing many Knoxville lawns are extreme sloping and the relative amount of sun versus shade in the yard. Both of these have a few possible solutions.

Sloped Lawns

A gentle slope away from the home poses little to no problem and in fact, promotes proper drainage by directing rainwater away from the foundation. A steeper slope, however, causes issues in several ways. For one, mowing on a steep incline can be difficult, dangerous, or downright impossible. Finding plants to grow on an incline can also be trying, and weeding out unwanted plants is a pain. Slopes without enough plant cover are susceptible to erosion.

There are a few methods of dealing with sloped lawns. One possibility is to level the yard, removing the problem altogether. This can be expensive, though, and in some cases isn’t feasible, such as in a sloped yard running down to street level. An attractive, functional alternative is to install one or more retaining walls along the slope. These help to create level or gently sloping beds, which are easier to maintain than one steep slope. A third option is to plant groundcover that will not need to be mowed along the slope.

Moore's Landscaping is incredibly well suited to dealing with sloped and graded yards.

Moore’s Landscaping is incredibly well suited to dealing with sloped and graded yards.

Shade Versus Sun

Many plants, including several popular grass varieties, need plenty of sunlight throughout the day to grow very well. In a yard that is covered in shade, maintaining a green lawn can prove difficult, and growing certain types of other plants and flowers may be nearly impossible. Only so much can usually be done to remove whatever is blocking the sunlight; after all, you can’t knock down buildings, or sometimes even cut down trees, to let a little more light into your yard. For areas that remain shaded throughout most of the day, a landscape architect will choose shade-tolerant plants that will flourish in those conditions.

On the other hand, a yard that is in perpetual sunlight poses its own problem: drought. In the heat of summer, the topsoil in especially sunny areas can dry out quickly, harming grass and other plants. Proper watering practices will help alleviate this concern as well as keep your water bill reasonable. A professional landscaper can choose plant varieties that are more drought-resistant and advise you on the best methods for watering your lawn.

A perfectly landscaped yard is the result of forethought, planning, and hard work. Sometimes, the transformation is so extensive the finished product contains no trace of what was there before. Other times, a yard’s unique challenges are met in such a way that the new landscaping keeps the character of the old lawn while enhancing its features and turning negatives into positives. Knoxville landscaping professionals can help homeowners decide which approach is right for their challenging outdoor spaces.

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