Incorporating A Patio Into Your Landscaping

Incorporating A Patio Into Your Landscaping

One of the upsides to living in Knoxville TN is the amount of warm weather from late spring through early fall. Having a well-landscaped yard is especially enjoyable during these times, both because most yards look their best in the warmer months and because it’s nice to have a yard you can get out in. Lawns are great for kids, pets, and pick-up sports games, and flower beds add visual beauty as well as attracting butterflies and birds to watch. To truly get the most out of your landscaping, though, there has to be somewhere for people to gather, sit, and chat. This is where decks and patios come in.

Casual Outdoor Seating

The most basic function of a deck or patio is often as a place for a table, chairs, and a grill. Setting up furniture on the lawn can ruin your landscaping since you would have to move the furniture to mow the grass, tearing up the yard while exposing dead spots of grass where the legs sat. Rainy weather would leave the furniture on muddy ground, and sitting in the chairs before the ground dries would create puddles while also destroying the grass. Putting furniture on a hard, solid surface avoids all of these issues, making the furniture much more practical to use while saving your landscaping.

While decks are typically built onto the backs of houses, they can also be built around above-ground pools, next to a garage, or any other place that needs a raised area. Patios can be built anywhere as long as the ground is level enough, from right outside the back door to the middle of a garden, providing a small, secluded area to sit and enjoy the flowers.

patios are fantastic for outdoor entertaining

patios are fantastic for outdoor entertaining

Dining & Parties

While any deck or patio with a place to sit and eat can be used for outdoor dining and party hosting, some are built with this purpose in mind and decorated accordingly. An outdoor dining area should be comfortable and inviting, and design can go a long way towards meeting those goals. The right combination of furniture, decorations, and lighting will complete the setting. A patio that will be used frequently for dining should ideally be located fairly close to the house, reducing the distance food needs to travel.

Outdoor Kitchens

The ultimate in outdoor dining is an outdoor kitchen. A simple grill set up on a deck or patio allows for cooking outside, but full-scale outdoor kitchens are much more. They often involve a built-in grill along with a sink, countertop, and storage areas. Some may even include electricity for a refrigerator and other appliances, as well as lighting for evening meals. Outdoor kitchens may have their own seating or they may be close to another section of deck or patio that has the dining area.
The options for building a deck or patio are virtually limitless, but we can help you figure out which one is right for your home and walk you through all of the decisions, from location to shape to building materials. We’d love the opportunity to enhance your home, and let you get more out of your landscaping, with the addition of a deck or patio.

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