Moore’s Landscaping is proud to service
Gatlinburg, TN.

Our landscaping service is stationed in Knoxville, but we are often on the move traveling to clients further out. Gatlinburg, TN is one of the many towns we visit. Gatlinburg is located southeast of Knoxville right in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains. While the town is small, it sees millions of visitors each year due to its location and the resort amenities it provides. Visitors come for great views, outdoor activities, shopping and restaurants, and tons of family fun. Permanent residents have access to all the benefits of Gatlinburg year-round, while helping to make it the popular destination it is.

We provide landscaping services to ZIP code 37738 and other nearby Gatlinburg areas. Residents are more than welcome to give us a call about landscaping for their home or business. We can provide many services, including:

• Landscape design. To design your perfect landscape, we’ll carefully consider all aspects of your current outdoor area and find out what your needs and wants are. Then, we’ll put our design experience to good use in creating something both useful and beautiful.
• Installation. After the creative work in drawing up the design comes the hard work of landscape installation. Plants, lawns, trees, and flowers, along with any other options you choose to include, will be installed for you to enjoy.
• Patios. One of the many options for your new outdoor space is a deck or patio. These outdoor entertainment areas are perfect for furniture, bringing the indoors outside. You can enjoy meals and family company out in your own backyard.
• Water features. Including a water feature in your landscaping design will provide an instant focal point. A beautiful waterfall or fountain will add something special to your yard with its peaceful sounds and visual appeal.
• Retaining walls. Much of landscaping is about aesthetics, but it is just as important for landscaping elements to be grounded in practicality. Retaining walls are the other way around: they are primarily practical, in that they prevent soil erosion and add versatility to slopes, but they can also add to the beauty of a space.

Gatlinburg, TN offers breathtaking views of the Great Smoky Mountains as well as entertainment of all kinds. Our job is to give residents of the town spectacular views in their own yards. You can browse our portfolio to see some of the things we could do for you. Contact us with questions or to start discussing your options.

For more information on our landscaper services in Gatlinburg, please go to our main services page.