Oak Ridge TN landscaping

Moore’s Landscaping is proud to service 37830 and the surrounding Oak Ridge, TN areas.

While many of our clients are located in Knoxville, we do landscaping work in outlying cities as well, including Oak Ridge, TN. Oak Ridge is a town that grew out of a military research facility and today contains the renowned Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The city is a world player in science and technology research, and many of the residents have jobs related to the research conducted there. Outside of the research labs, though, Oak Ridge is a scenic town with plenty of outdoor opportunities for its residents.

We’re happy to travel out to Oak Ridge to reach our landscaping clients. Residents of ZIP code 37830 and the general Oak Ridge area can benefit from our full range of professional landscaping services. We are familiar and experienced with the unique landscaping challenges of the eastern Tennessee region. Our landscaping specialties include:

– Retaining walls. Oak Ridge, as its name suggests, is located along ridges and valleys. This creates areas with steeply sloped land, which can be a major challenge for landscaping. However, retaining walls work to create tiered areas of level land, allowing for flowers and other plants to be installed normally. The walls also prevent soil erosion and, with our design and installation, become a feature element all on their own.

– Water features. Waterfalls and fountains are two examples of the water features we can add to your landscape design. These features have multiple benefits; besides being attractive to look at, the sound of running water adds another dimension to the space and provides a relaxing background noise.

– Patios. A flat area for furniture turns a backyard space into an extension of the house, allowing for outdoor entertainment and relaxation. Decks can be ground level or above-ground, depending on the needs of the location.

– Landscape design. Landscaping starts with a solid design that considers the needs, opportunities, and challenges of the space to be transformed. A quality design is the first step to your new yard.

– Installation. Landscaping installation includes everything that happens after the design is completed — putting in plants of all kinds, patios, retaining walls, and anything else the design calls for.

With forests and lakes surrounding major research facilities, the city of Oak Ridge, TN achieves a sort of balance between nature and science. Our landscaping services will help your home reach its full outdoor potential as well. You can catch some glimpses of our work in our portfolio, and contact us to arrange a new stunning landscape for your yard.

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