Water Features

Water Features

The use of water elements in landscaping has been something that has brought interest, beauty and a sense of peacefulness to many outdoor areas. Fortunately, a water feature can be added to just about any home or business property, regardless of size or budget. The important thing to keep in mind when considering any type of water design element as part of your landscaping is that these elements need to be situated in a place that allows them the best location for viewing, while still offering the necessary electrical or water hookups that might be needed. Of course, the type of water feature you choose will be a major factor in how much space you have available and whether electricity and other hookups are necessary.

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When it comes to landscape designs, it is important to keep in mind that water features that blend in well with the surrounding environment can be especially appealing. Knoxville tends toward a rockier terrain which lends itself quite naturally to water features.  Many people particularly like the relaxing sound of a waterfall and adding one of these elements to your yard or property can be relatively easy if you choose a professional installation. There are waterfalls of all sizes, so accommodating a small yard or large office complex will not be a problem; however, it is important to ensure that the waterfall is professionally installed in order to make sure that it operates properly. Many times do-it-yourself types think that they can save money by installing their own water elements, but these installation jobs often end up causing a variety of problems. Water leaks, pumps that do not function properly, electrical hookups and other elements must all be functioning properly for your water element to provide the beauty you want. Fortunately, a professional can ensure that your water feature is installed and operating exactly as it should.

There are many different types of water features that can be used to enhance various areas of your property. For example, some people choose a tranquil stream or cascading spring; however, a dramatic waterfall can certainly make an impressive display as well. In fact, something as intriguing as a water garden complete with unique aquatic water plants that would not otherwise be able to survive in a Knoxville landscape can definitely add an impressive and beautiful element to any yard. Additionally, KOI ponds, fish ponds, wall fountains and even pond-less waterfalls can all be used to add a great deal of visual interest and tranquility to your outdoor area.


Another popular water element that many people find very soothing is a simple water fountain. In fact, these fountains can be anything from a small fountain a couple of feet in diameter to extremely large and elaborate fountains for large business areas or estates. Fortunately, you can get the help you need with the design and installation of the perfect fountain, waterfall, pond or other landscaping element to meet your design and budget needs from the professionals at Moore’s Landscaping. Of course, choosing a professional landscape company to help with the installation of your outdoor water elements is the best way to ensure that your equipment functions as smoothly and beautifully as possible.